CSI Solution

The CSI solution of LS-Mtron can help client respond quickly to the fourth industrial revolution and Digital Transformation. The solution is inthe early stages of data collection, which is the process of making it into meaningful information


CSI-M is a solution to the datafication and informatization stages. It provides data interface and data collection and monitoring function forcustomer directly to extract information from injection molding machine. Data interface Monitoring system

  • Data interface
  • Monitoring system


CSI-C is a solution that enables users to monitor and control nearby devices required to modify products from injection molding machinethrough users’ screen

  • Improvement reliability on collected data. Synchronization between molding data and peripherals equipment data via I.M.M
  • Prevent human error on molding setting from automatically molding data and peripherals equipment data loading
  • Cost down for installing and time reduction because of decreasing length of cable(IMM↔ Peripherals Equipment)