WIZ Plus Series

Half-Nut type Hybrid
WIZ Plus Series is two platen Mid/Large-sized hybrid injection molding machine.(450~3200tons) (The above features apply to large-sized injection molding machine)

Industries Served

automotive image


LS Mtron secures your quality with all automotive industry. With our turnkey solution, we can be your competent partner in all areas of the automotive industry from the development stage to reliable and precise high-volume production.

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We offer utmost safety and clean work environment without oil leakage. It is the best solution for medical product manufacturing system.

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Home Appliances

LS Mtron’s injection&molding machine is specialized for heat resistant polymer resin which is used on 24 hours working device - mobile phone, electric watches, computer etd.,- Thus, you can achieve mass production quality.

packaging image


Packaging industry requests faster and more precise machine for high productivity. With our high efficient injection speed and powerful clamping force, our machine is capable of producing thin product and reduce the cooling time.